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  Shirt Width Shirt Length
S 18" 27"
M 20" 28"
L 22" 29"
XL 26" 30 1/2"
XXL 26" 32"

  Fitted Regular
  Shirt Width Shirt Length Shirt Width Shirt Length
S 15" 24" 18" 25 1/2"
M 16 1/2" 25" 20" 26 1/2"
L 18" 26" 22" 27 1/2"
XL 19 1/2" 27" 24" 28 1/2"


Hello I'm Bill Peaks. Thank you for visiting my web site.

This collection of work has a personal experience behind each design, dating back to when I was a child watching the Public Broadcasting Station and loving their logo of heads, to making my annual trip in December to watch Alvin Alley's performance of Revelation at the City Center, or attending a free concert in Washington Square Park where Dizzy Gillespie and Tito Puente performed together.

Also, experiences like walking in the Garment District in New York City on 8th Avenue when a woman dressed in all black stepped out the door of a storefront and said "Today is a good day to have your palm read." That's why I call this collection of work LIFE.

So take a look at my site and find some of the things and people that have shaped and influenced my view of art.

Bill Peaks and Wynton Marsalis
Bill Peaks with jazz great Wynton Marsalis
at the High Line Park NYC

Thank you again.


Live the way it is

Bill Peaks NYC

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