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  Shirt Width Shirt Length
S 18" 27"
M 20" 28"
L 22" 29"
XL 26" 30 1/2"
XXL 26" 32"

  Fitted Regular
  Shirt Width Shirt Length Shirt Width Shirt Length
S 15" 24" 18" 25 1/2"
M 16 1/2" 25" 20" 26 1/2"
L 18" 26" 22" 27 1/2"
XL 19 1/2" 27" 24" 28 1/2"



Shopping at is easy and secure.
1. Click on the 'T-SHIRTS' link in the menu at the top of your screen.
2. All collections will show up in the middle of your screen. Clicking on any of the collections will display the items list.
3. The items list includes a thumbnail image of each item. By clicking on any of the images in this list, a detailed information about the item of your choice as well as a larger image will be displayed.
4. At this stage you will see additional pull-down menus for SIZE, COLOR (if applicable) and QUANTITY from which you have to make selections before adding the item to your order. You can also zoon in or zoom out the main image or display the back when these features are available. Add the item to your order by simply clicking on the "Add To Shopping Bag" button, after which you will be automatically transfered to 'Your Shopping Bag' page.
5. In 'Your Shopping Bag' page you have three main options: 1) you can continue shopping, by clicking on the 'Continue Order' button and repeat the previous steps; 2) you can delete all items, by clicking on the 'Clear Order' button; or 3) you can check out, by clicking on the 'Checkout' button.
You can also edit the SIZE, COLOR (if applicable) and QUANTITY selections of an item by clicking on its image or name.
6. When you check out you will be directed to the 'Checkout' page, where you will see forms for billing and shipping information, and a summary of the contents of your shopping bag. A menu with the shipping options will appear automatically when you enter a zip code in the billing or shipping forms. To complete your order fill in the proper information in the billing and shipping forms, select a shipping option, and enter your credit card information. Aafter clicking on the 'Submit Order' button your order will be submitted. If the submission is successful you will be redirected to a confirmation page with your order number and summary of the items you purchased. At this time you can print this page for your own records by clicking on the 'Print' button in your browser. If an error occurs please follow the instructions that will appear on your screen. For more information you can always contact us at


1. Click on the 'Order Status' link in the menu at the bottom of your screen.
2. Enter the order number in the field at the left side of your screen and click the 'Check Status' button.
3. If there is an order with the number you provided in step 2, its detail and tracking number (if available) will appear on your screen. If the order number is incorrect the message 'THERE ARE NO ORDERS IN PROCESS AT THIS TIME' will appear instead.
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